LAMP is one of the earliest models of full-stack web development service which includes four open-source components: the Linux operating system, Apache server, MYSQL database management system, and PHP development.

As there is always light at the end of the tunnel, so when it comes to the development of the holistic applications, the light could be from the LAMP. Having worked extensively on the technology, our LAMP experts leverage agile methodologies building websites and web applications that can run on any platform and in any environment. LAMP services are used to handle the most heavily coded websites and complex e-commerce solutions today while allowing the developers to benefit from a flexible deployment environment.

The LAMP development platform is a highly flexible web application development platform and offers developers the flexibility to create flawless web applications of their choice from scratch. Following are the benefits of LAMP-based web development:

  • The web applications developed using LAMP is compatible with a majority of web browsers.
  • LAMP-based applications can be easily developed and deployed locally.
  • The robust Linux architecture ensures safe and secure LAMP web development.
  • The applications get up and running in no time with the help of easy coding processes using LAMP.
  • The LAMP stack can be acquired at a comparatively low price compared to other software architecture bundles.

LAMP is one of the most versatile web development platforms developing dynamic websites with no hard barriers disrupting the maximum utilization of the technological stack.

Independent of platforms, irrespective of the operating system, whether it is Windows, Linux, iOS, or Android, LAMP applications are capable of performing flawlessly!