LiveTech.guru is US based IT consultancy firm having their marketing office situated in New York and the main development based in Mohali, India. We are in a Joint Venture with an India based IT services firm named Talentelgia Technologies Private Limited. With a local presence in US market, we are determined to offer IT services to established business enterprises as well as startup businesses based out of USA.
We have already been serving US customers with different business solutions such as event marketing, fin-tech, options trading, healthcare automation, automobile inspection & automation, waivers and documents management, search engine applications, business intelligence applications etc since last 9 years.
With over 200 projects successfully delivered to US based clients since 2012, we have expanded our roots in the business automation sector and have made it our forte to deliver software as a service solutions to our US clients in different industries such as real estate, e-learning, healthcare, e-commerce etc.

Our Mission

Our aim is to offer cost effective and economical business solutions to our US based clients to help them bring down their IT related expenses and effectively focus on their operational and marketing costs. We further aim at assisting solo entrepreneurs having unique business ideas or small business set up in USA, by providing them low cost MVPs and POCs to help them test the waters in the US market, gather user feedback on it and then make a deeper investment into the real project development or in automation of their current business processes.

With our local presence in US, we aim at being in regular touch with all our local clients in USA by providing them on-site work demos at regular interval.

LiveTech.guru has a mission to establish itself as a software and technology partner of various small to medium level business enterprises based in USA and offer them specialised IT services in business automation and business intelligence domains.

Our Vision

LiveTech.guru is being run under the visionary leadership of Pramod Bhagat, who is a US citizen and has been closely working with US clients since last 20+ years. His aplomb leadership is well supported by the vision of the two managing directors of their joint venture firm Talentelgia Technologies, named Shilpi Jain and Advait Upadhyay. “The trio” has a cumulative business experience of over 60 years in the IT industry and their vision is to offer automated business solutions to small and medium level US corporates in different industries.

Since automation is the future, so, LiveTech.guru envisions scaling their services and offerings of turnkey business solutions for healthcare, e-learning, e-commerce, real estate, customised surveys, fin-tech, eBanking industries etc.

With the vision of assisting US clients in all areas of software development life cycle, LiveTech.guru wants to establish itself as a key player in the US market.