Are you aware of some buzzwords like PPC (pay per click), paid marketing, Google AdWords, CPC? If not, no worries.

Paid search or Pay Per Click (PPC) is one of the most effective methods of garnering traffic and quality leads to your website or landing page. Google Adwords is a one-stop console for not only setting up paid search campaigns but also running and monitoring them.

The search engines make paid search easy enough for almost anyone to do, but to do it right takes experience and human attention to understand the deep strategy, thought, and attention required.

Google AdWords fundamentally offers Pay per Click (PPC) that includes:

  • Cost Per Click (CPC) Ads
  • Cost-per-thousand-impressions

When we talk of how Google AdWords works, let us assume if a person searches on the web for say ‘software developers’- the searches displayed by Google at the top and the bottom are generally ads. The fact that how did Google know which ads to display is what is done by AdWords.

Every day thousands of people search on the web about businesses and one day it might be your business as well. From the billions of searches conducted on Google every day, we assure your products reach potential customers with our efforts and service.