LiveTech.guru is in joint venture with an Indian IT firm Talentelgia Technologies based in Mohali (Punjab), India.

We are a team of 80+ software professionals dealing in solution architecture, database development, DevOPS engineering, SCRUM, project management, web and mobile apps development, UI/UX designing, 3D animations, quality assurance, digital marketing and content writing etc.

We offer end to end services to our global clients in more than 25 countries across the world.

LiveTech.guru understands that an internally motivated team can deliver a high end stuff. That’s why, we immensely focus on keeping our team motivated and refresh all the time. We conduct management games, team activities, R&R (rewards and recognitions), appraisals, promotions, management sessions and various other things to keep the team members united and highly motivated. Our focus is on adapting to a transparent and inspiring work culture with good business ethics. We inculcate right and appropriate business ethics in our team members and make them follow the organisation’s culture.

To culturally inspire our team, we celebrate various national and international festivals together so that they learn amalgamation of cultural diversities and feel free to work closely with the overseas clients on their projects, even if called on-site, occasionally.