Enterprises nowadays are rethinking conventional quality assurance to deliver high-performance solutions. Quality assurance goes beyond just testing of a software application or product. It’s a holistic approach that helps quality assurance engineers to ensure that all functionalities work smoothly while making sure that the developed solution is bug-free.

Effective quality assurance testing is more than just a routine procedure - it's a sort of art that only quality assurance specialists master. A software defect found post-production costs much more than a defect found during its design stage. So the QA engineers at LiveTech.guru are responsible for:

  • Identifying weaknesses and inconsistencies at all product stages
  • Help define the specific project requirements
  • Provide comprehensive information about the level of quality of the product
  • Test the product during all phases of the software development life cycle (SDLC)

Testing services are aimed at reducing the cost of development, improving time-to-market, and minimizing technical and business risks, no matter the application/platform or complexity of your quality assurance testing requirements.

We plan tests using various testing tools such as Bug Zone, PMS (Project Management System) on numerous carriers to figure out the app’s compatibility in the computing world. LiveTech.guru offers the best quality assurance services in several domains such as:

  • Internet Of Things (IoT) Software Solutions
  • Retail Software Testing
  • Media & Entertainment Software Testing
  • E-commerce Software Solutions